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Our Story

RCJ was founded by a team of experienced jewelers that have a passion for diamonds and making custom jewelry just for you. RCJ’s team has worked with mined diamonds for decades before entering the world of lab grown. They noticed a trend with a lot of their clientele. They wanted their diamonds bigger, better but not necessarily pricier. We made the switch to lab grown when we saw how they equaled mined stones in quality and beauty.

The Largest Diamond Exchange in the World

RCJ’s team operates out of the Israel Diamond Exchange, the largest diamond exchange in the world. Here we get access to the most advanced technology and machinery to create the best jewelry on the market. We alsoprivy to the most up-to-date information on diamond trends, pricing and sourcing. We share this knowledge with you as part of our services.

RCJ sourced it's lab grown diamonds from Diamond Foundry based in the US.

Just diamonds, no mining. Those are the words and credo behind The Diamond Foundry. The Diamond Foundry imagined a world where diamonds would have zero impact on the environment or society. Their innovative technology delivers the best quality lab grown diamonds in the market without the social and environmental impact of mining. The Diamond Foundry is a Certified Carbon Neutral company based in the USA. Red Carpet Jewelry is an official Diamond Foundry Site Holder, exclusively purveying lab grown diamonds sourced from the Diamond Foundry’s labs.

Expert in 1.5 Carat and above

If you think that dream ring saved on Instagram is out of reach, think again. From Instagram to your finger, RCJ lets you access that magnificent ring you’ve been dreaming of. When you choose lab grown diamonds, your choices elevate 1 or 2 whole carat weights higher. That’s right, RCJ’s lab grown diamonds let gives you access to higher quality and carat weight diamonds without the expensive pricing. Luxury jewelry, without the price tag.

Got questions about lab grown diamonds? Check out our education section for everything you need to know before you buy or schedule a call with one of our experienced consultants. 

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