If your Pinterest is flooded with images of engagement rings of all shapes and sizes, you need to read this. Sometimes you just like everything you see and it’s difficult to pin down one diamond shape or ring style. Right now, we’re just going to talk about picking your diamond shape. Choosing the shape of your center stone can be a process on its own. One day you think it’s a round brilliant, and the next day the allure of an emerald diamond captures your heart. With so many choices and your preferences wavering by the minute, how can you make a final decision?

First thing’s first, simplify. Erase talks of the 4Cs, settings, halos, pave diamonds, etc. from your mind. Think simple solitaire diamond on your finger. No adornments or crazy stacks (not yet at least). Just the diamond on its own.

Now determine what are the unique characteristics of your finger. Is there anything that you’d like to minimize or maximize? Keep those in mind while we examine each shape individually. 

Round Brilliant Diamonds

Round Shape, Magnificent Sparkle – Universal Appeal 

There’s a reason 3 out of 4 brides pick a round brilliant cut diamond for their engagement ring. Round brilliants are cut with unique geometric facets that give this shape and cut a magnificent sparkle. As a bonus, round brilliants radiate hints of small rainbows. It’s a classic shape that has a universal appeal because it flatters hands and fingers of all shapes and sizes. The round brilliant diamond is a safe choice that you can wear by itself or create a crazy stack to change it up throughout the years. This is a great choice if you’re looking to surprise and delight your fiancée. 

Fancy shape diamonds are a separate category of diamond shapes that refer to diamonds that are not round brilliant. They include emerald, oval, pear, marquise, heart princess, and cushion. Let’s look at the fancy shape diamond shapes.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Square or Rectangular Shape – Lengthens Fingers 

Emerald-cut diamonds have a sleek and modern feel that is perfect for anyone who values the allure of depth overshine. The square or rectangular shape has a larger table area that makes emerald cut diamonds appear larger than other shapes of the same carat weight. With three rows of steps on both the crown (area above the girdle) and the pavilion (area below the girdle) and uniform facets that create an illusion of endless steps running parallel on all four sides, the eye goes directly towards the center of the stone. Inclusions and flaws are more visible in an emerald cut, so clarity should be valued above all.  This is a great choice for anyone looking for a non-traditional shape and wants their ring to be different from the rest. Emerald cuts can elongate fingers for anyone looking for a ring that can both lengthen and slim.  

Princess Cut Diamonds

Square or Slightly Rectangular Shape, Sharp Corners & Brilliant Sparkle 

Princess cut diamonds are another contemporary shape that is the most popular of all the fancy shape diamonds. The square, slightly rectangular shape diamond gets its brilliance from the chevron facets that come together to create the appearance of an inverted pyramid. The princess cut has a gorgeous sparkle similar to the round brilliant. The princess cut’s pavilion is shorter than the round brilliant cut, reducing the amount of light that enters and refracts. The princess cut’s larger table makes it look larger than a round brilliant cut of the same carat weight. The square shape of a princess cut will amplify the inherent shape of your hands and fingers. 

Cushion-cut Diamonds

Square, Slightly Rectangular Shape – Rounded Edges 

The cushion cut, also called pillow cut or old-mined cut diamond, shares the same square shape as the princess cut, but without the sharp edges. Like its name, the shape resembles a cushion or pillow, with beveled corners and a square to slightly rectangular shape.  The rounded edges give it a softer more old-world elegance that is perfect for those who are vintage or Victorian enthusiasts. The brilliant-cut faceting gives the cushion cut a similar sparkle to the round brilliant. Like the princess cut, the cushion cut’s square shape will enhance the natural shape of your hands and fingers. This is one of the oldest diamond shapes that is now making a resurgence in popularity. A great choice for anyone that’s looking for something that’s both classic and unique.  

Oval Diamonds

Oval Shape – Brilliant Cut 

Elongates the fingers

Like cushion cut diamonds, oval diamonds have a vintage and royal appeal. Think Princess Diana’s epic oval engagement ring. Oval-shape diamonds can be customized for your preference. They can be made longer or rounder to flatter your finger regardless of its size or shape. The cut of oval diamonds shows a ‘bowtie’ effect which limits the brilliance of an oval shape diamond. The shape can elongate fingers and the oval shape is unique and bold. If you love the shape and are not concerned about the sparkle, this is a great choice. 

Pear-shaped Diamonds 

Pear, Teardrop Shape – Brilliant Cut

If you’re looking to stand out amongst a sea of symmetrical shapes and common styles, the pear-shaped diamond is a great choice. The pear-shaped diamond is rounded on one end and tapers to an extreme point on the other. It has modern brilliant facets that create a captivating sparkle. It too can elongate the fingers and hands and exudes extreme elegance and a distinct style. 

Marquise Diamond

Elongated Elliptical Shape – Pointed Ends

Brilliant Cut

Marquise cut diamonds have a long narrow shape that some say looks like an eye, while others a smile. Whether you see an eye or a smile, you’ll love the brilliant faceting that gives this cut the ultimate sparkle. This is another distinct diamond shape that is for the bold type. 

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All set!!! Next step, let’s talk the 4Cs of diamonds!


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