We ethically source all our diamonds from Diamond Foundry, the world’s first certified zero-carbon-foot producer of diamonds. Diamond Foundry prides itself on producing “just diamonds” without the human and environmental impact of mining. No land, wildlife or local communities were displaced in creating their diamonds.
All diamonds are sustainably grown aboveground in the USA.

The short answer is yes, lab grown diamonds are “real.” They share the exact same chemical and optical properties of mined grown diamonds. The only real difference is their origins. One grows in a mine, and one grows in a lab. RCJ lab grown diamonds are environmentally friendly, ethical and 100% conflict free. They do not require the same labor intensive and harsh mining process that can cause disruption to local communities, wildlife and damage to the environment. 


All our lab grown diamonds are IGI Certified to ensure quality and authenticity. 

The International Gemological Institute protects retailers and consumers alike by certifying diamonds and gemstones to ensure and document a gem’s authenticity. In 2005 IGI became the first gemological institute to begin grading lab grown diamonds. The IGI certification gave the industry as a whole validation with its own grading system and standardization.

Yes, lab grown diamonds do have resale value. Like mined diamonds, a variety of factors contribute to the value of your lab grown diamond when you decide to resell. No matter what the origins of your diamond, chances are the resell value will be for less than what you paid. 


Think of your lab grown diamond as an heirloom that you can gift to a special relative or friend. The sentiment of jewelry is where the true value lies.

Getting insurance on your new jewelry piece is a must. Contact the RCJ team to discuss options.

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